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Breakfast ideas for 10 months old

Hello 😀

Because i am suffering through feeding my little boy, he is a picky eater, and he like to feed himself, and he doesn’t like soft smooth food, he likes real food with real texture.

Side note: I’ve chosen to follow the mindset that says to feed your baby whatever you are eating since he is 8 months old, except for (honey, and un cooked cow milk) other than that he eates everything i am eating because we don’t eat fried, processed food, we eat as nature as possible and we cook with healthy oils so he is eating from that.

So i am writing done ideas for feeding him that i thought of and that he likes very much


Oats bread with labenah

Omelete eggs with oats bread

Oats cracker with labenah

Oats pancake with banana

Whole wheat bread with labenah

Whole wheat bread with omelete

Fruit Salad

Brown beans with whole wheat bread

Oven cooked falafel with whole wheat bread

Hummus with whole wheat bread

Tahini with whole wheat bread

Baba ganoush with whole wheat bread

I make all though at home with super healthy recipes for me and for my son, stay tuned for them 🙂