Speed of sound

So this song is haunting me, the question in the begining:

how long before i get in? before it starts ? before i begin?

I feel that i had the greatest most rich life in college, i was free, i got to do what i wanted mainly, fight with my parents, fail, get close to many kinds of people, during this time i found a little bit of myself, but i need more, i need to live more, i need to restart, i need to move, but i left my country to a country that i don’t know it’s language and it is awful, not the country, i am in love with the netherlands, i never want to leave, it is awful that i cannot speak dutch, i feel stupid, i feel dump, i really wish i can just study and talk, but taking a course while taking care of a baby, and most course are way more expensive than my budget, complicated situation.

How to learn dutch? how to master it so i can begin here? so i can have a career and friends and people?

I just wish i can find a cheap center or tutor who accepts that my baby will come with me. that’s all what i wish for now.



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