Gallstones 2 

So i decided to search for a treatment before i go for the surgery as i am terrified of surgeries.

I found this book my physical therpaist told me about, the amazing liver and gallbladder flush, and i think i may try it.

Also i found a natural doctor who studied medicine but also studied alternative medicine and he said he can try out helping me and gave me tons of medicines to try.

I really wish they all work.

I will keep you updated.


About leaving the country

So people are whining, although they prayed to leave the country, although they still have a job, although they went to a country which speaks a language they know.

I try not to judge but i truley donot understand.


6 months and a week 

My son is now 6 months and a week .. i thought i really should restart blogging more frequently .. so i am starting now..

He is a happy boy .. my experience with him is the greatest thing that happened to me .. also the hardest and the most draining ..

Maybe it is the most draining because i am sick and not healthy at the moment and trying to get my health back ..

I was diagnosed with gall stones and liver hemagnioma (if it was spelled right) 

I will write more about that as i go .. i really wish i can blog everyday and that is what i will try to do .. 

My son is an energy draining machine just like all children but i try to enjoy some moments with him ..

That is it for now 🙂