What do i want to do with my life?

The question that is driving me crazy in the past year, and for the next year i will be a new mum to a new baby and it will still drive me crazy.

Do i want to open a restaurant?

Do i want to be a software tester as i am?

Do i want to study cooking?

Do i want to study human nutrition and be health adviser?

Do i want to work in a bakery?

Do i have no dreams and just want money?

Do i want to be a writer?

Do i want to be a teacher?

i totally dont know and don’t know how can i know.

Any Help ?!



3 thoughts on “What do i want to do with my life?

  1. Kezar says:

    No one can really answer those questions other than you. You have to sit analyse what you love what you want and how it would affect your current life.

    Will you lose everything that you currently have if you pressed another path?
    Could you bear the struggle that comes with starting at something new?

    In the end deep down we know exactly what we want to do but we’re always either afraid of failure or success so we try to divert our attention from what we’re currently doing.
    Do what you believe is right and would make you the happiest.


  2. fairymeisie says:

    I totallly understand this post. I came across a quote the other day…” My life has become this one big “I Don’t Know”.. and that’s exactly how it has been for a long time. I guess you should do whatever it is that makes you happy šŸ™‚


  3. nidhiee says:

    I got answers to my questions and had an epiphany of sorts when I was in a conference listening to this 40 year old lady’s interview “Chanda Kochar – ICICI Bank’s Head”, India’s best private bank. As the words kept pouring in my ears, my mind kept saying THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO BE LIKE IN MY 40S. When the young age goes off, dating guys is old story, I would love to be known for intellect and for my work and that’s how I figured out what was my Dream! My life’s ultimate goal. So I say think what you would like to be in your 40’s without your parents & without your beauty? What is that you would like to share on FB other than your trip photos or kids photos or couple photos? Something of substance? Think about it this way and you will know the answer like I did. šŸ™‚ Hope it helps!


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