My giving birth Story – Giving Birth in the Netherlands


So i gave birth, excatly  3 weeks ago, on 29/3/2016.

It was a very big day and it was a huge huge deal, i was having back labour, i didn’t know that it was back labour and i really believed i was having some colon issues or the baby moves hurt my back so i kept silenced until i called my midwife at 7:30 in the morning.

She was delivering another baby, so she was late and she came 9:30, she checked me, i was 7 cm dialated, me and my husband were sure that it was false labour, but to our amusment it was real, we were having the baby.

We went to the hospital and i changed and i was fully dialated, and the pain was ok, it was handable, then they said it was back labout and i have no contractions in my uterus so they had to give me something to make the contractions more so it would reach my stomache and help the baby move down.

I was begging for an epidural, i was crying for it, but it was too late, and they refused to give me any drugs, i really want to ask a dr or to search to know, why can’t a woman have any medicine after she is fully dialated?

Anyway, they asked the nurse to put the IV, and they couldn’t find my viens for a long time i guess it was 30-45 mins, they put it in.

I was screaming and the asked me  to breathe but no one can imagine how much it is painful and hard, i really didnt know how to push and i was so embaressed and didn’t want my husband to see anything and i just wanted him to stay next to my head and not seeing anything because really it must be a horrific show.

Then he was born, and it was amazing, all the pain stopped or became unnoticable, he was bruised a little bit, but they said it is normal.

I hugged him for 2 hours and really hugging a just born baby can heal every broken thing inside you.

and i’ll continue later ! 😀

Bye 😀



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