11- I love my baby

So i am in the last month of my pregnancy, i feel tried and in pain, i feel like a mess, i feel fat, i feel ugly.

but i love my baby, i adore him, i want him to come safely and i want it to be over so i can enjoy having him in my life and seeing life through his eyes.

The greatest sucess of all is to be a parent to your kids, a real best friend, a shoulder to cry on and a back to support, this is my new definition of success and that is what i want to be.

They say women should not define themselves as mothers or wives, but i will and i do, because it is a previelge to have this kind of influence over some’s life, specially if he is someone you love.

The greatest thing a woman can be is to be a home maker, she shouldn’t forget herself or her needs in the process but this is the greatest she can be, to be the thread that brings they whole family together and the best friend of them all.

I love my husband and i love my baby and i am so happy i got the chance to be in thier lives.

Thank Allah 🙂