9- Driving them away.

I lost many of my friends lately, i feel that you are always filtering your close friends, and i have learned a skill for them to hate me and go away without or with drama but without feeling that they have to stay.

When i just feel that some friendship is totally wrong, i stay away, i take a decision to end it, and push the person away, by then they start to see me as a bad friend, but then it’s easier for them to go away, sometimes they wanna talk and wanna fix it, i don’t say no, but i start showing them that it won’t work out.

By then they just end it and i feel relieved really i do, and also with for them to delete or block me and then stay away in peace.

I don’t know if it is a bad way or a good way but they go away feeling that it is thier decision to go and that i am a worthless friend, and those feelings makes it better for people to accept that a friendship is ended.

Generally people don’t accept the end of a friendship as the end of a relationship, i don’t know why, specially because friendships end too, and people grow away and apart and people change so it can happen, but people won’t accept it except when i do what i do.

Human relationship is always so complicated.


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