5 – Healthier life style


I really don’t know is it because of my husband or because of being here in the netherlands, but i actually became more aware of what i eat and put into my body, actually i lost around 11 kg in my first 4 months here until i got pregnant.

But also i believe that the pregnancy had something to do with it, i really want my baby to be healthy and happy so i try to watch it always.

For example i am craving hot dogs like hell!! I never liked them actually but now i want them all the time, but i didnt eat them because i am trying to be a good mama 😀 lol

My midwife says that i am ok and all ok and i am so happy for that, but i feel i will have this baby early and that is making me nervous.

I really wish my mum would be able to come here and attend the birth and help me out for a while, but i have no idea if this will happen.

*fingers crossed*

I am on my 24 weeks now and i am starting to show a little bit and only 16 weeks left ! Yaay 😀

I will blog more about my preganancy exprience soon !

Anyway wish me luck 😀

And have a nice night/day 😀


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