7- I Need a job

I truly really need a job, i’m so desperate that i would work as anything now, cashier maybe anything.

All the testing and IT jobs i found needed dutch or didn’t suit me.

And i am still learning dutch.

So anyone have any job for a girl who lives in Haarlem and speak 2 languages (Arabic & English) ?

Any suggestions?

Help !


6- Amsterdam light festival

On the last weekend me and my beloved husband had our first wedding anniversary, so we decided to go to Amsterdam and see the festival of light for the first time together.

It was really really really nice 😀

I put many pictures here, we walked alot and road a bus, a train and a metro to reach there and back but it was totally worth it 😀

it’s simple yet creative and nice and had many ideas that we really liked.

The map and all the details are on this website


And here are the pictures that i took, i’m not much of a photographer but i always like to seize the moment 😀

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5 – Healthier life style


I really don’t know is it because of my husband or because of being here in the netherlands, but i actually became more aware of what i eat and put into my body, actually i lost around 11 kg in my first 4 months here until i got pregnant.

But also i believe that the pregnancy had something to do with it, i really want my baby to be healthy and happy so i try to watch it always.

For example i am craving hot dogs like hell!! I never liked them actually but now i want them all the time, but i didnt eat them because i am trying to be a good mama 😀 lol

My midwife says that i am ok and all ok and i am so happy for that, but i feel i will have this baby early and that is making me nervous.

I really wish my mum would be able to come here and attend the birth and help me out for a while, but i have no idea if this will happen.

*fingers crossed*

I am on my 24 weeks now and i am starting to show a little bit and only 16 weeks left ! Yaay 😀

I will blog more about my preganancy exprience soon !

Anyway wish me luck 😀

And have a nice night/day 😀

4 – Home

It is so weird that i feel that this is home, maybe it is true, home is where the heart is.

I first had this feeling when i was coming back on the plane from Cairo, i felt so happy, i felt so nice, when i saw the ajax stadium from the plane i was amazed at how much happy i was, i thought that home will be always home, but no, your home can change, it really can.

Of course i will be always nostalgic about Egypt and it has all my friends and family but maybe the huge disappointment that Egypt caused to me ended my great feeling for it.

For me Egypt is about my family, if i can have them here always i wouldn’t want to see it again, which is weird, so weird.

Sometimes i wish for a friend or two here, people to hang out and drink coffee and walk with, but i wish they will come in time, maybe, i always took time to make friends, and i believe it may happen.

So, another news, i am pregnant which is great actually, now is great, at the beginning it wasn’t and i will write more about it in the upcoming days.

But because i feel that way about Egypt and my husband does too, i feel we don’t know how we will raise the baby, i feel lost about my heritage and where i come from, so i always consider myself a human that’s it and that is the most basic thing, then a Muslim but not like most Muslims at all, maybe in the way i look, but not in my believes.

Maybe i will raise the baby as a good human too, a good Muslim who believes in the religion of humanity.

Maybe i will.

Everything is so confusing for me and i think the hormones are the reason for that 😀

Anyway stay tuned and wish me luck !