3 – Terrorism

So since what happened in paris and i cannot sleep well, everything about it scares me and makes me not safe.

And i seriously hate that all of that would ve assosiated with islam, terrorism has no religion, no logic, no mercy, no humanity, nothing.

I actually dont know how would anyone do thay, it is terrifying, and going through it, my heart prays for the victims and for paris every secnd of the day.

Imaging that you just went out on a friday night to enjoy yourself and this happens, innocent amazing people, who did nothing wrong to anyone.

This is a terrifying thought.

I am meditaing, doing yoga and praying in order to get my inner peace again, it was stolen from me and i feel so sad and weak without it.

May Allah have mercy on them and on all of us and me he end all the terrorism everywhere and give all people enough light in thier hearts to fight al kind of darkness.


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