2 – Dutch

My main issue now is the language, i feel stupid that i cannot talk easily but this is normal i guess, i am already bilingual (English and Arabic) so i am really eager to learn dutch.

For now i am learning on Duo-lingo it is good but not fast enough i guess for me, have anyone of you learnt on it before? any language? is it effective?

Do you know any ways ? easy cheap ways because i am a freelancer now and money is not amazing 😀

Help ?!

Today i am full of questions



1 – Den Haag


                                The Hague, back in middle of June .. one of the places we wander 🙂

let’s begin telling the story, i am Egyptian from Cairo, i studied computer science and worked as software tester in an Egyptian company for 18 months before i move to the Netherlands.

Why did i move? 

my fiancee (back then) and me decided that we want to live outside Egypt so we started searching for jobs and he had more experience than me so he got a job and moved in the Netherlands on may 2013, after 6 months he came back to Egypt, we got married in a simple nice ceremony and he traveled back to the Netherlands and i stayed in Egypt for a couple more months to finish my papers, my visa and leave my job.

When did i came here?

I first laid my eyes on Amsterdam on 26/3/2015 on 3 pm 🙂

Was it weird to leave my home country?

yes of course, but now Egypt is forcing anyone who has ambitions and free spirit to get out of it unfortunately, and as i will say later the Arabian mentality is so much different than the European mentality regarding leaving home country and moving in a new place.

I believe i have never had this Arabian mentality and i believed that travelling makes your soul happier and more fulfilled.

of course it has some down sides.

But those are for later posts.

C u later !

The Begining


I am an egyptian muslim girl who currently lives in the netherlands, i found myself writing a lot about my exprience here so i decided to publish some of my thoughts here, some ideas, thoughts, analysing of the differences between the east and the west, the arabs and the europians, that is it i guess.

C u later !